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Int’l cruise firm commits to hire more Pinoy workers

MANILA – A European cruise company reiterated its commitment to employ more Filipino workers and help turn the Philippines into a popular cruise destination.

Costa Crociere chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pier Luigi Foschi made the statement after a courtesy call on President Arroyo in Malacanang Palace.

With Magsaysay Maritime Corporation as its manning agent in the Philippines, 80% of Costa Crociere’s workforce is composed of Filipino professionals. Together with its other brands—AIDA Cruises and Iberocruceros, the Costa Crociere group employs more than 8,000 Filipino crew on board.

The international firm is Europe’s No.1 cruise company with more than 60-years of maritime passenger service experience.

Aside from hiring more Filipino workers, Foschi said they will also work to make the Philippines a popular cruise destination with three of its 14 cruise ships making regular calls to Manila bringing over 22,000 foreign tourists.

Costa Classica Cruise Ship Jobs | Philippines

Costa Classica cruise ship will possibly employ seaman and crew jobs this year as it docks to Pier 13 in Manila. This is according to news reports from ABS-CBN.

Costa Classica Cruise Ship Jobs

Costa Classica cruise ship will possibly employ seaman and crew jobs this year as it docks to Pier 13 in Manila. This is according to news reports from ABS-CBN tonight October 27, 2009. CostaClassica is currently employing a lot of Filipinos (pinoys) in its cruise ship. You can apply for the job vacancy at the Magsaysay Shipping if you are interested.
Costa Classica Cruise Ship Offers Jobs to Pinoys

Costa Classica Cruise Ship Offers Jobs to Pinoys

The luxury cruise ship is said to be docked in the Philippines and will in due time employ seaman and crew through the Magsaysay Shipping company in the Philippines. If you want to apply for cruise ship job at Costa Classica, you can visit the website of Magsaysay Shipping for more information.

Apply to Costa Classica Seaman Jobs via Magsaysay Shipping

It was recently announced that Costa Classica Cruise Ship has high possibilities to employ seaman and crew jobs in their luxury ship. If you want to apply for crew and seaman related jobs, you may do that by visiting Magsaysay Shipping as it is the company that recruits or enlist applicants for the saidcruise ship.

Magsaysay Shipping - Manning Costa Classica Cruise Ship

Magsaysay Shipping - Manning Costa Classica Cruise Ship

Among manning and shipping jobs agencies in the Philippines, Magsaysay Shipping is said to be the one handling the recruitment and application for different crew and seaman jobs for Costa Classica cruise ship. Apply only or visit Magsaysay Shipping website or call their telephone number for more information.

Different job offers and maritime job openings at Magsaysay Maritime Corporation include room attendant, waiters, laundrymen,registered nurses, oil and gas, technical instructors, senior drilling instructors, 4th engineer, pumpman, oilers, cook, pantryman, welders, drillers, 3rd engineer, chief mate, 3rd mate, 2nd engineer, chief engineer and more.

Right now, the Costa Classica cruise ship which just docked in Manila last October 27, 2009 according to the news is hiring crew / shipping personnel related to above positions through Magsaysay shipping. If you want to apply for maritime jobs at Magsaysay Maritime.

Corporationshipping line in Philippines, you can pay them a visit or peek at their agency website.

Application Procedures:

1. Visit Magsaysay Shipping Lines Corporation and register.
2. Fill in all necessary information asked of you in the boxes.
3. You will be asked for a username and password (be sure to keep a hard copy and soft copy or jot it down in your organizer or an address notebook) “Do Not Loose your username and password”, you will use it on updating or checking for the status of your application.
4. Click on “submit” upon completion of all information asked of you.
5. You will be asked to fill up your own resume and again, click on “submit” after completing your resume / bio data. Be sure to double check before hitting submit.
6. Apply using the job search feature that will enable you to look for a relevant job based on your skills, professional qualification or experience.

Remember that your username and password will be the same log in required of you whenever you seek for job offers, vacancies or job opportunities at Magsaysay Shipping. Good luck!

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Cebu Hotel Mgr, Spvr, Front desk, clerk, driver, kitchen, maintenance, waitress

Cebu Sunstar October 18, 2009 classified click to make larger

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Computer literacy empowers Philippine OFWs

Technology has now become the means of empowerment for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) as it gives them the opportunity to build knowledge.

The Microsoft Tulay Program is the brainchild of the Blas F. Ople Policy Center and funded by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and Microsoft. It aims to expand knowledge and build a new foundation for OFWs through computer literacy.
Last week, Filipina household service workers graduated from Microsoft's Tulay program in Hong kong.

In less than three months, they learned how to use various computer applications; from surfing the internet, to using social networking sites; blogging and using a webcam to communicate with their families back home.

Ople Center president, Susan Ople described the program as a tool of empowering OFWs.
"Being computer literate opens the doors to learning beyond the ordinary,” Ople said.
Ople was a guest at ANC’s Crossing Borders hosted by Immigration Lawyer, Mike Templo.
“Without the internet, your networking opportunities are limited. But once you get to know how to communicate and build social networks with the internet then you are empowered and that's what we want for our domestic helpers here--to be empowered,” Ople added.

Tulay graduate Gloria Magbuhos said the program is a big help to OFWs like herself.
"Malaki ang tulong ng internet kasi nga dati kapag cellphone ang gamit namin malaki ang expenses di ba? Malaki ng charges. Pero kung internet libre na," said Magbuhos

Another graduate, Rowena Concepcion uses the webcam when communicating with her loved ones back home. The web cam bridged the distance for Concepcion who was able to see and follow the health condition of her child born with cerebral palsy while in Hong Kong. Her child died last year.
More than personal connection, Ople said the program also gives OFWs an edge to be globally competitive as people, not just as workers.

"My advice to them is not to be afraid, but enjoy themselves because cyber information, the digital age is here. There is no way to avoid it. It's either you are part of the cyber mainstream or you are in the dark ages," Ople said.

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Cebu Bartender, watiers, receptionist

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Cebu Cook, Cashier, Watier

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Cebu Mgmt Trainees, Coffee Bean, Service Crew Shakey

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Waiters, room attendants, laundry

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