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Good job listing for HRM here

There are a number of hotel jobs listed at this site

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 NEW Zealand welcomes migrant hotel workers to address the current job shortages in its booming tourism industry .

This is according to  St. Benedict Career Training  International Inc. (SBCTII), an educational training program provider in the Philippines offering post-graduate courses for those pursuing future careers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The group cited reports from Tourism  New Zealand (TNZ) which said the country expects an influx of some 45,000 additional visitors, as additional  government funds amounting to some $125 million investments beef up its tourism sector. Thus, more hotel workers are needed. 
In some parts of the country New Zealand's multi-billion dollar tourism industry relies heavily on overseas workers - particularly during peak season.  
Many of the available jobs are in areas with low unemployment or where there are no New Zealanders with suitable skills, even as unemployment is increasing.

Some parts of this article are from

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service crew cebu

Cebu Sunstar classified November 1, 2009 click to make larger

Cebu dining waiters, food checkers, clerks, cashiers, cooks, bartender

Cebu Sunstar classified November 1, 2009 click to make larger

Learn to cook as many cook chefs jobs available locally and overseas is advertising their school in cebu above.

Read more about ships needing chefs here at my Seaman blog

and my hotel and restaurant blog

cooking schools philippines

self learning cooking and other self learning courses online

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Int’l cruise firm commits to hire more Pinoy workers

MANILA – A European cruise company reiterated its commitment to employ more Filipino workers and help turn the Philippines into a popular cruise destination.

Costa Crociere chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pier Luigi Foschi made the statement after a courtesy call on President Arroyo in Malacanang Palace.

With Magsaysay Maritime Corporation as its manning agent in the Philippines, 80% of Costa Crociere’s workforce is composed of Filipino professionals. Together with its other brands—AIDA Cruises and Iberocruceros, the Costa Crociere group employs more than 8,000 Filipino crew on board.

The international firm is Europe’s No.1 cruise company with more than 60-years of maritime passenger service experience.

Aside from hiring more Filipino workers, Foschi said they will also work to make the Philippines a popular cruise destination with three of its 14 cruise ships making regular calls to Manila bringing over 22,000 foreign tourists.

Costa Classica Cruise Ship Jobs | Philippines

Costa Classica cruise ship will possibly employ seaman and crew jobs this year as it docks to Pier 13 in Manila. This is according to news reports from ABS-CBN.

Costa Classica Cruise Ship Jobs

Costa Classica cruise ship will possibly employ seaman and crew jobs this year as it docks to Pier 13 in Manila. This is according to news reports from ABS-CBN tonight October 27, 2009. CostaClassica is currently employing a lot of Filipinos (pinoys) in its cruise ship. You can apply for the job vacancy at the Magsaysay Shipping if you are interested.
Costa Classica Cruise Ship Offers Jobs to Pinoys

Costa Classica Cruise Ship Offers Jobs to Pinoys

The luxury cruise ship is said to be docked in the Philippines and will in due time employ seaman and crew through the Magsaysay Shipping company in the Philippines. If you want to apply for cruise ship job at Costa Classica, you can visit the website of Magsaysay Shipping for more information.

Apply to Costa Classica Seaman Jobs via Magsaysay Shipping

It was recently announced that Costa Classica Cruise Ship has high possibilities to employ seaman and crew jobs in their luxury ship. If you want to apply for crew and seaman related jobs, you may do that by visiting Magsaysay Shipping as it is the company that recruits or enlist applicants for the saidcruise ship.

Magsaysay Shipping - Manning Costa Classica Cruise Ship

Magsaysay Shipping - Manning Costa Classica Cruise Ship

Among manning and shipping jobs agencies in the Philippines, Magsaysay Shipping is said to be the one handling the recruitment and application for different crew and seaman jobs for Costa Classica cruise ship. Apply only or visit Magsaysay Shipping website or call their telephone number for more information.

Different job offers and maritime job openings at Magsaysay Maritime Corporation include room attendant, waiters, laundrymen,registered nurses, oil and gas, technical instructors, senior drilling instructors, 4th engineer, pumpman, oilers, cook, pantryman, welders, drillers, 3rd engineer, chief mate, 3rd mate, 2nd engineer, chief engineer and more.

Right now, the Costa Classica cruise ship which just docked in Manila last October 27, 2009 according to the news is hiring crew / shipping personnel related to above positions through Magsaysay shipping. If you want to apply for maritime jobs at Magsaysay Maritime.

Corporationshipping line in Philippines, you can pay them a visit or peek at their agency website.

Application Procedures:

1. Visit Magsaysay Shipping Lines Corporation and register.
2. Fill in all necessary information asked of you in the boxes.
3. You will be asked for a username and password (be sure to keep a hard copy and soft copy or jot it down in your organizer or an address notebook) “Do Not Loose your username and password”, you will use it on updating or checking for the status of your application.
4. Click on “submit” upon completion of all information asked of you.
5. You will be asked to fill up your own resume and again, click on “submit” after completing your resume / bio data. Be sure to double check before hitting submit.
6. Apply using the job search feature that will enable you to look for a relevant job based on your skills, professional qualification or experience.

Remember that your username and password will be the same log in required of you whenever you seek for job offers, vacancies or job opportunities at Magsaysay Shipping. Good luck!

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Cebu Hotel Mgr, Spvr, Front desk, clerk, driver, kitchen, maintenance, waitress

Cebu Sunstar October 18, 2009 classified click to make larger

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Computer literacy empowers Philippine OFWs

Technology has now become the means of empowerment for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) as it gives them the opportunity to build knowledge.

The Microsoft Tulay Program is the brainchild of the Blas F. Ople Policy Center and funded by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and Microsoft. It aims to expand knowledge and build a new foundation for OFWs through computer literacy.
Last week, Filipina household service workers graduated from Microsoft's Tulay program in Hong kong.

In less than three months, they learned how to use various computer applications; from surfing the internet, to using social networking sites; blogging and using a webcam to communicate with their families back home.

Ople Center president, Susan Ople described the program as a tool of empowering OFWs.
"Being computer literate opens the doors to learning beyond the ordinary,” Ople said.
Ople was a guest at ANC’s Crossing Borders hosted by Immigration Lawyer, Mike Templo.
“Without the internet, your networking opportunities are limited. But once you get to know how to communicate and build social networks with the internet then you are empowered and that's what we want for our domestic helpers here--to be empowered,” Ople added.

Tulay graduate Gloria Magbuhos said the program is a big help to OFWs like herself.
"Malaki ang tulong ng internet kasi nga dati kapag cellphone ang gamit namin malaki ang expenses di ba? Malaki ng charges. Pero kung internet libre na," said Magbuhos

Another graduate, Rowena Concepcion uses the webcam when communicating with her loved ones back home. The web cam bridged the distance for Concepcion who was able to see and follow the health condition of her child born with cerebral palsy while in Hong Kong. Her child died last year.
More than personal connection, Ople said the program also gives OFWs an edge to be globally competitive as people, not just as workers.

"My advice to them is not to be afraid, but enjoy themselves because cyber information, the digital age is here. There is no way to avoid it. It's either you are part of the cyber mainstream or you are in the dark ages," Ople said.

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Cebu Bartender, watiers, receptionist

Cebu Sunstar October 5, 2009 Click the photo to read large

Cebu Cook, Cashier, Watier

Cebu Sunstar October 5, 2009 Click the photo to read large

Cebu Mgmt Trainees, Coffee Bean, Service Crew Shakey

Cebu Sunstar October 5, 2009 Click the ad to read larger

Cebu Sunstar October 5, 2009 Click photo make larger

Waiters, room attendants, laundry

Cebu Sunstar October 5, 2009, click ad to read larger

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Hotel workers Jordon

Click the photo above from Sunstar Cebu

Cebu Hotel room boy,cook, front desk, waiter, driver

click the photo to make larger

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OFWs: From belly of luxury ship to top deck

Make your dream come true with hard work to please

FROM BOILER room to ballroom, from stage to spa, from poolside to pantry, from bar to fine dining. From the belly of the luxury ship to the topmost deck where one could see forever and behold the azure sea and sky of the Mediterranean.

Overseas Filipino workers (OFW) rule the roost, so to speak, aboard the cruise ship Brilliance of the Seas because of their sheer number and also because of their skills, talent, dependability and graciousness. Filipinos comprise about 60 percent of the 853-strong crew that is composed of 51 nationalities.

“Here I earn the combined salaries of four teachers and three security guards in the Philippines,” reveals Jerry Dioneo, 36, who works in the dining section. Dioneo who hails from Silay City in Negros Occidental has been on the ship for about three years and is on his fourth contract. Only the Filipino nationals, Dioneo adds, are compelled to allot and remit 20 percent of their earnings to their folks back home. This is stipulated in their contracts.

And what is work like on cruise days? “Every day here is a Monday,” Dioneo chirps as he replenishes the cornucopia of food for the guests.

Victoriano Camacho, 46, of Calamba, Laguna, has been with the cruise company for 16 years and is now the sous chef (assistant of the executive chef). He started out at the Nikko Hotel in Makati. Now he earns $2,600 a month.

$1.7 billion of the total $10.8 billion remitted by OFWs in 2005 came from the sea-based OFWs. The number of Filipino seafarers working abroad as of 2005, is about 250,000 or approximately 20 percent of the world’s total.

‘White List’
The rise in the number could be attributed to the inclusion of the Philippines in the International Maritime Organization’s “White List” of 72 accredited countries. Being on the list means the country has continuously complied with the standards required for competent seafarers.

Being a Filipino seaman or seafarer does not necessarily mean working in cargo ships sailing drearily on a gray sea and being cooped up, fighting ennui until land appears on the horizon. A good number of the sea-based OFWs work in cruise ships. These luxury liners cater to vacation-bound, fun-loving, adventure-seeking humans, people who work hard and play hard, or who just want to be out of reach and listen to the music of the ocean, heeding the cruise logo catchphrase that says, “Get out there.” One could also choose to get holed up in the ship’s library.

The three-year-old German-built Brilliance of the Seas belongs to a fleet of cruise ships of the Royal Caribbean International (RCI) that sails in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. It has a passenger capacity of 2,500.
The Filipino seamen and women working on board are there to help make good things happen. The job is demanding as cruises involve service, hospitality, food, fun, travel, safety and, most of all, people.

Earning from tips
Bar server Vergie Mompil, an education course graduate, has spent eight years working on several cruise ships. Her husband, Edwin Vicero also works in another cruise ship, Jewels of the Sea.

Those in food service are not paid the fixed salary rate that workers in other sections receive. Food and drink servers like Vergie receive only $50 per 12-day cruise but the tips (provided for in the bill) earn her about $1,000. Two cruises per month or more than ten cruises in a six-month contract mean a lot when remitted to the Philippines. “After six months, we go on a two-month break,” Vergie adds.

Vergie is stationed at the bar in the main lobby ballroom at the foot of a luminous stairway where guests in formal wear linger to chat or dance to music provided mainly by—you guessed it—Filipino musicians.

Vergie and her husband have a three-year-old child who is being cared for by two aunts. The couple is building a home south of Manila and planning for a hardware store.

Not everyone is in the direct employ of RCI. Hoffman Roscano, 27, married, works as a photographer of a photo agency that operates aboard the ship. He and several photographers have their hands full during formal dinners and evening activities as well as land tours. During special occasions, they set up a mini studio where guests in their glittering “Titanic” finery could go for a formal shoot. Guests snap up the photos the morning after. Roscano also receives commissions from the sales.

‘Better than 5-star salary’
Karen del Carmen, in her 20s, works as a beauty therapist in the Brilliance Day Spa operated by an agency. A tourism graduate of a college in Bacolod, she had a work stint in a hotel in the Philippines after which she applied in a maritime agency. The spa company hired her and sent her to London for training.

“Better than a five-star salary,” is how del Carmen describes what she earns. After every 12-day cruise she gets two days off. “It’s fun working here,” she says as she looks up from her desk in the spa’s lavender-scented receiving area.
Nights are busy for the musicians who play in different venues aboard the ship. John Neri, 24, regales the night owls with violin music. As a child he studied music under a scholarship program for the musically gifted.

Neri met his wife in another cruise ship. Married for four years now, the couple is building a house in Kalookan City.
‘Oye como va’
Although now US-based, Vicky Gallarde of Vicky and The Holding Company band still calls the Philippines home. It’s a rollicking night when the band plays for a crowd with itchy feet.

Vicky switches without a hitch from lusty “Amor, amor, amor” to a staccato “Oye como va” while husband Chris and the rest segue from rhumba to disco beat. The band is a ship mainstay.

The couple has a room for two of their own at the crew quarters. The standard rooms for two for the crew have TVs and computers with e-mail capabilities. The Filipinos also have a daily two-page news digest called “Philippines Today.” There is a bar as well as games and exercise facilities.

Edgardo Villarino, 42, studied music in the University of the Philippines and sang with the UP Concert Chorus. He is married with three kids. The Inquirer chanced upon Villarino playing soothing classic guitar music by the poolside.
He was in the Caribbean several months earlier and he remembers the day a hurricane blew around there. There are less “sea days” in the Mediterranean, he says, meaning, the ship docks often in tourist havens.

Selling the Philippines
On his fifth contract now, Villarino says their own families could enjoy cruise privileges when there is space available. And could the entertainers have some fun during the day? “If there are less than five guests using the pool, we could take a dip,” Villarino says.

He dreams of cruises on Philippine waters that could rival those elsewhere. “We try to advertise the Philippines. Subic is so beautiful.” He talks of an island in Haiti that Royal Caribbean had developed.
Great workers

Bill Brunkhorst, American cruise director who makes sure entertainment is at its peak, has only good words for the Filipinos. “They are so talented and they learn very quickly,” he says. “They’re great workers.”

The Greek ship captain Michael Lachtaridis, a seasoned sea voyager who has been sailing the seas for 33 years says he has been working with Filipinos since the 1980s. “They get along well with other nationalities,” he says. “They are very educated and they are a happy lot.”

Whether it is instructing on wine tasting, giving beauty massages, serving at formal dinners, making omelets at the buffet breakfast, playing music, snapping photos amidst the Greek ruins, ensuring security and swiping cards at entry and exit points, disposing garbage or keeping staterooms clean, Filipino seamen and women are doing their best. And why not a Filipino guest chaplain or morgue attendant?

The least seen
The least seen but perhaps the most important because they make the ship sail the distances are those who work in the belly of the ship or the engine room. The lives of those on board are practically in the hands of these experts in ship engineering.

The Inquirer descended to the grime-free hard hat area and met some of the Filipinos there. Jessie Hervilla, Estefanio Joel, Steve Flores, Ramon Cerio, Percival Dilag and so many more. Chief Junior Engineer Rasmus Norling of Sweden has only high praises for the men who are seldom seen on deck.

But life for the OFWs on board these cruise ships is surely not problem-free, as life anywhere is not. Are the OFWs on these so-called floating four-star, five-star hotels better off than their counterparts in cargo ships and oil tankers? What lies beyond those glittering nights and sunny days at sea? What awaits them in their homeland? What awaits Edward Pampis, Joselito Benito, Cipertino Apil, Arlene Salon, Susan Gatmaitan, Arthur Pernia, Julius, Mijares, Juanito Embolori, Edwin Miranda, Enrico Sabido, Victor Amuyang, Ronaldo Carreon, Ernita Villanueva, George Tardo, Joselito Benito…

Don’t they feel resentful when they see food and drink flowing endlessly, people having so much fun and spending so much money for this kind of voyage, while they work so hard to keep these people thrilled and while the pine for home?
“Oh no,” says a food server without a tinge of resentment. “Many of them have worked hard too. And because of them we have our jobs. Someday we too could enjoy something like this.”

This Inquirer reporter was a regular paying guest on this cruise. The ship sailed from Barcelona and back and stopped in several key places on the Mediterranean coasts of Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

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restaurant, front desk, baker

click image to make larger

Hotel and golf course work OVERSEAS Cebu Sunstar 9/20/09

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English skills remain a plus for Cebuanos

CEBU, Philippines - The English proficiency of Filipinos, particularly the Cebuanos, is one good advantage emphasized by a company engaged in inviting more investors to the city.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Restaurant worker and waiter

Position: Restaurant Worker Waiter
Location: Malaysia
Vacancies: 50
Principal: TGI Friday
22 to 33 years old
Short course certificate
One year experience
At least 5’4” in height
Must be in good grooming and pleasing personality
Willing to work overtime
Hotel Workers
Location: Malaysia
Vacancies: 50
Principal: Globustar Sdn. Bhd
23 to 30 years old
Short course certificate
One year experience in hotel
Pleasing personality
Willing to work overtime
5’3” in height
R.A. Tomo International Manpower Services
POEA: 159-LB-080207-R
3/F Unit D Redmaples Bldg,#411 N.S. Amoranto St., Brgy. St. Lourdes Quezon City, Metro Manila
Telephone:632-3871208; 632- 4115771; 632-4163897
Mobile: 0919 822 3876

Waitress Receptionish retail staff bartender

Waitress Receptionist Bartender Retail Staff
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Vacancies: 100
Principal: Globustar Sdn Bhd
Male or Female
23 to 35 years old
College level
Must be able to communicate well in English
Willing to be trained
Minimum experience of 1 year
With pleasing personality
5 feet tall
Willing to work overtime
Must be physically, mentally and medically fit to work

R.A. Tomo International Manpower Services
POEA: 159-LB-080207-R
3/F Unit D Redmaples Bldg,#411 N.S. Amoranto St., Brgy. St. Lourdes Quezon City, Metro Manila
Telephone:632-3871208; 632- 4115771; 632-4163897
Mobile: 0919 822 3876

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Associate professor Phyllis Chew of Nanyang University in Singapore made the observation during the Cebu International ESL (English as a Second Language) Conference at Diplomat Hotel, Cebu City last Saturday.

She said that the trend is the result of the change in the status of women in society, increase in migration and transmigration, knowledge explosion and information technology, the writing revolution, and the rise of a global language.

“Teachers need to know these changes. English, it seems, has raced ahead of its competitors. For the last 20 years, so many want to learn it,” she said.

Chew said Singapore, for one, is attracting many Koreans who want to learn to speak English.
The Philippines, India and Malaysia are among the Asian nations that are known as good English teachers because they have been using the language as their medium of instruction, she noted.
“The fast way of mastering English now is through content. And speed is crucial in the process. Many learn English quickly because this has been used as a medium of instruction when they started school. They have been immersed in an English acquisition-rich environment since they were young,” Chew said.

Being known as a nation with a pool of good English speakers, she added, will boost the influx of international students who want to learn English.

The Koreans made up 27.83 percent of Cebu’s tourist market from January to June 2009. According to the Department of Tourism, most of them come to Cebu to study English.
Meanwhile, the knowledge explosion and information technology (IT) across the globe also signaled the need for teachers to incorporate IT in their methodology for learners, especially the young, to easily cope and “survive” in their studies, Chew said.

The IT aspect of learning is characterized by digitization of learning materials, production of e-books (electronic books) and creation of Ebraries (electronic libraries), she said.
“Integration of IT also makes online education possible and enables learners to do many things (while on the Internet),” said Chew.

She pointed out that a good method of teaching English will depend on existing variables—such as time, type of students, place and culture—that teachers have to assess before conducting their lessons. Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Filipinos see job prospects in culinary schools

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines, which for decades has supplied the world with a steady stream of seafarers, nurses, caregivers and domestic helpers, is now exporting practitioners of a cutting-edge trade: chefs.

"Chefs are the new rock stars now. Everyone wants to be a chef," said Ian Padilla, a Filipino chef entre metier at Parisian restaurant Taillevent, a Michelin two-star establishment.
"When I started, there were hardly any culinary schools here ... And there was no chef, it was just the cook. When I got back, there are culinary schools everywhere," said Padilla, who came home recently to judge a cooking competition.

Writing your employment letter hints:

1. Write a comprehensive introductory letter that clearly explains why you are qualified for the job. Don’t just put in a resume, especially one that looks like it was edited three years ago.

2. Spell check! It gives a very bad impression to have wrong spelling or grammar in your application.

3. Be careful when putting attachments that cannot be opened. Case in point: Be careful not to save it in Microsoft Word 2007 format as this is a new format and cannot be opened by companies that are still using Word 2003 or Word 2000.

4. Don’t use an e-mail address with a weird or goofy name.

5. Don’t ask a friend to send or e-mail your application.

6. Specify the job you are applying for. Don’t make the company evaluate what job suits you best.

Congressman Gullas pointed out that those without the English skills were left behind. “

“Around 20 to 30 years ago, even our taxi drivers could speak straight English. Now, many of them have a problem speaking the language clearly,” Gullas said.

Gullas pointed out that in India’s recent economic boom, their citizens with English skills were the ones who benefitted from it. “This is because they are the ones cornering the good-paying jobs,” noted the educator-turned-lawmaker. He said those without the skills were left behind. “Without access to gainful employment, they remain mired in poverty, amid the economic boom there,” he further stated.
Congressman Gullas, Cebu

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HHRMA Hotel Jobs List April 2009 (Part 1) click the title to read more

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recruiter identifies most 'unemployable' nursing and hrm graduates Philippine Star 4/4/09

A top labor recruiter identified yesterday nurses and hotel workers as the most “unemployable” or those likely to end up jobless. Recruitment leader Lito Soriano said the country is producing too many nursing and tourism graduates but unqualified to be hired abroad.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

DOLE, Jollibee join hands in education of children of informal sector workers Cebu Sunstar 3/23/09

Cebu The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC) have agreed to collaborate in helping poor but deserving children of farmers, fishermen and other workers in the informal sector (IS) including child laborers go to college and gain the necessary work experience under the youth education-youth employability or YE-YE project. The program aims to help qualified students pursue college education and acquire job competencies, skills, attitudes and work values through in-store training with partner schools. Email for more details. Although this is a nationwide program, this is the contact for the Cebu program only.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

“The international demand is not as positive as expected. But the domestic front remains to be an employment generator,” he stressed during the launching of DOLE’s “Service Quality Program for Key Employment Generators.”

Sunday, March 15, 2009

WANTED BURGER CREW/SERVICE CREW/COOK Cebu Sunstar Classified 3/15/09


Tuesday, March 10, 2009




to apply telephone Sun 0923 515 3518 or Smart 0920 970 7044 and email Lead Resources, phone 307 1833, near vita cruz Malate Manila

Food Service Crew, Full or Parttime Gelatissimo Cebu Cebu Sunstar Clasified 3/8/09

call 032 346 2445 or email HR@GELATISSIMO.COM.PH or visit their website www.GELATISSIMO.COM.PH

Thursday, March 5, 2009

HOTEL STAFF FOR DUBAI Cebu Sunstar 3/1/09 classified

Gym instructors, lady security guard, captain, waiter, waitress, hostess, male guards, resto manager, barman, room service, house keeping supervisor, chefs, carpenter, cashier, lifeguard

email or visit website at
SAUDIA ARABIA WAITER WANTED Cebu Sunstar classified 3/1/09

email phone 032 256 2548

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Front desk workers Housekeeping attendants waiters Sunstar Sunday February 22, 2009 Cebu General Services to apply call 344 1623 or 3204 ask for Ms Amara

Restaurant jobs abroad Sunstar Sunday February 22, 2009

Crew members, cooks, waiters, with experience Kuwait KFC, Fridays, Fridays, Hardees, Taco Bell, Sbarro, Baskin Robbins and Pizza Hut

to apply telephone Sun 0923 515 3518 or Smart 0920 970 7044 and email Lead Resources, phone 307 1833, near vita cruz Malate Manila

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tourism undersecretary Eduardo Jarque announced that DOT will initially tap 22 universities in Metro Manila to expose their students to the major tourism hotspots around the country such as Cebu, Palawan, Bohol, and Davao. "The students will stay in top hotels and visit the attractions of the places. They will be treated like tourists because we want them to feel how tourists should feel," Jarque said.

These HRM (hotel and restaurant management) students will be toured to the best destinations in the country, "to let them feel how to be a 'real' tourist. They have to know what tourists should feel. People do come [back] if they have good experience," he said.

"We want to emphasize that when tourists come here they want to have a good time," he emphasized.

After the students from the 22 universities in Metro Manila complete their tourism immersion tour, universities in Cebu and Davao offering HRM courses will be likewise tapped to participate in the same program, Jarque said. For this year, DOT planned to partner with a total of 40 schools nationwide. This program will also put HRM students into full appreciation in working in the tourism related businesses.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Do you see yourself as the adventurous type—not someone who wants to sit in a cubicle all day, but a person who wants to get out, see the world, meet people, and experience new sights and sounds? It's people like you who are perfectly suited to work on a cruise ship or perform one of the other cruise line industry jobs!

A wide array of jobs is awaiting you aboard any of these cruise ships. And many entry-level jobs are available, too, ranging from deckhands, ship officers, and maintenance crew to hotel staff, gift shop staff, entertainers, tour guides, food and beverage workers (bartenders, waiters, cocktail servers, etc.), naturalists, and recreation and fitness directors. You're sure to find something that will suit your skills and interests.

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Monday, February 16, 2009


HRM / Tourism

Date Position Exp. Location Company
Feb 17 F & B Manager
2 yrs Outside Cebu
(Ilo-ilo City)
Anhawan Resort and Spa
Feb 17 Maintenance & Admin Manager
4 yrs Outside Cebu
(Ilo-ilo City)
Anhawan Resort and Spa
Feb 16 Restaurant Supervisor (Female)
<> Cebu City The Asian Palm Restaurant at The Gallery
Feb 16 Management Trainee
1 yr Talisay City RedMoon Chinese Cuisine
Feb 09 Franchise Manager
3 yrs Cebu City
(F. Ramos St.,)
Bo's Coffee Club